Aurora Collection

Logitech G's first purpose-built collection embraces an inclusive design approach for unmet comfort, customization freedom, and gaming-grade performance tailored to the needs of women gamers and beyond.

Color Collection

Logitech G's Color Collection redefines gaming gear aesthetics, introducing a vibrant ensemble of pastel and jewel tones that celebrates self-expression and the enjoyable facets of gaming.

PopGrip Collection

PopSockets' Elevated Grip Collection redefines the mobile accessories experience featuring unique and sophisticated designs using elevated materials across their entire grip lineup.

Material Futures

Material Futures projects are dedicated to sustainable innovation design that envisions the future consumer experience and transforms ideas into solutions through rigorous research and collaboration. Projects are only available to view upon request. 

Design Strategy

Developed design strategies for brands encompassing vision development, a comprehensive design language, and CMF design to influence diverse projects with user-centric insights. Projects are only available to view upon request.