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Color Collection

Logitech's Color Collection redefines gaming gear aesthetics, introducing a vibrant ensemble of pastel and jewel tones in a new line that celebrates self-expression and the enjoyable facets of gaming.

Logitech G proudly presents the Color Collection, seamlessly merging customization with high-performance technology. Breaking away from conventional hard-edged, neon-tinged colorways, this line embraces pastel and jewel tones, introducing a more diverse and expressive palette. The vibrant collection celebrates self-expression and the joy of gaming, offering a departure from typical gamer gear aesthetics.

The G-Series Color Collection includes a lightweight wireless headset, available in lilac, blue, black, or white, alongside blue and lilac versions of the G203 wired gaming mouse and G305 wireless gaming mouse. The ensemble is completed with the G915 wireless tenkeyless keyboard in white. These lightweight and sturdy accessories are fully customizable through Logitech's gaming software. Users can tailor their gear to individual preferences by adjusting settings, changing the color profiles, and arranging desktop layouts. Swappable headband straps and fun mic covers further enhance the customization options, inviting gamers to keep playing in their own way, embracing the fun side of gaming and the freedom of self-expression.

Departing from traditional gamer gear aesthetics, the Color Collection breaks stereotypes and caters to a more diverse gaming community. The design process focused on creating a technologically advanced collection aligning with the evolving landscape of gaming as a mainstream cultural phenomenon. This venture was strategically driven, with the Color Collection acting as a pivotal step in expanding our gaming design portfolio. It laid the foundation for the subsequent Aurora Collection, building on a CMF design strategy. Logitech G's design team embarked on redefining their G733 headset design, prioritizing comfort, distinctiveness, and evolving gaming expressions. The introduction of new materials, such as soft textiles, marked a significant leap in enhancing comfort and infusing playfulness into gaming hardware. This approach aimed to redefine the gaming experience, not just as a tech product but as an integral part of gamers' self-expression and style.

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