Mokumé pendant

The Mokumé Pendant encapsulates the Japanese cultural narrative of strength in silence 
through a “Material-driven design” process harmonizing tradition with modernity.

Commencing with a 2-week research journey in Japan, the project evolved through collaboration with a student from Tama Art University. Exploring 7 cities and immersing in cultural nuances, gave birth to 'Mokumé,' a design rooted in Japanese influences.

Transitioning to Los Angeles, the project took on a new dimension. Engaging local suppliers and artisans, the focus shifted from raw materials to design fabrication. The subsequent phase, executed in the U.S., encompassed vendor sourcing, material research, market analysis, and the convergence of 3D modeling, prototypes, and art direction. This process yielded a distinctive lighting piece, seamlessly merging Japanese inspiration with a fresh design perspective.

In the Cultural Story, "Strength behind Silence," the Japanese people's selflessness and emphasis on community and non-verbal communication are explored. Rooted in a culture that respects others through silent gestures, the strength of expression is particularly powerful in art, craft, and appearance.

Shifting to the concept of “Material Driven Design,"  the project embraces Japanese tradition by preserving woodcraft integrity and incorporating an industrial technique—sandblasting—to unveil unique grains. The Mokumé pendant, an atmospheric luminaire, harmonizes traditional Japanese craft with modern design. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese cultural narrative of strength in silence, it celebrates material unity, process integrity, and the emotional experience it evokes.

A comprehensive project walkthrough of the creative process is available upon request. Welcome a creative collaboration and commissioned project.

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