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Aurora Collection

Logitech G's first purpose-built collection embraces an inclusive design approach for unmet comfort, customization freedom, and gaming-grade performance tailored to the needs of women gamers and beyond.

The Aurora Collection introduces an approachable design language that steps away from the boldness of traditional gaming, tailoring itself to the style and preferences of the target audience. Comprising the G735 headset, G715 keyboard, and G705 mouse, the collection prioritizes comfort, aesthetics, and gaming-grade performance specifically designed for women gamers. Recognizing the prevailing tendency of gaming products to cater to stereotypical male players, the designers aimed to offer an inclusive and meaningful gaming experience for a broader audience. Through thorough research, challenges emerged regarding finding gear aligned with the aesthetic and fit preferences of the target audience. This led to the creation of an approachable design language, customizable features, and inclusive sizing, allowing users to personalize their gaming experience across all three products. The Aurora Collection seeks to redefine gaming products by offering a harmonious blend of comfort, customization, and synchronized aesthetics, breaking away from gender stereotypes.

Following the Color Collection designed to offer a diverse range of expressive colors, our recent focus shifted to the creation of the Aurora Collection. During the pandemic, a female-led team, including leaders such as Tiffany Beers, Tania Alvarez Moreno, Erin Morgan, Kelly Kim, and others, undertook the challenge of navigating collaboration hurdles and adapting to a dynamic working landscape. Despite the challenges, this small yet dedicated team successfully crafted the Aurora Collection, addressing the specific needs and preferences of women gamers. The project's emphasis on inclusivity and the meticulous consideration of user pain points aim to reshape the gaming narrative, making it a joyous experience accessible to everyone. 

A comprehensive project walkthrough of the creative process is available upon request. 

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