Mokumé Sconce

The Mokumé Sconce embodies the Japanese cultural narrative of strength in silence employing a 'Material-driven design' that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity.

The Mokumé Series introduces a harmonious collection of lighting designs inspired by Japanese craftsmanship. From the original Mokumé pendant to the scalable wall lighting solutions, each piece in the series is distinguished by a numerical identifier. Explore the unique characteristics of the Mokumé sconce, Mokumé pendant, and beyond, as they seamlessly blend traditional material stories with modern design sensibilities. This systematic approach not only simplifies the naming process but also highlights the versatility and evolution within the Mokumé Series

Expanding upon the Material Driven Design concept introduced in the Mokumé pendant, the Mokumé wall lighting series offers a refined design with distinct features that gracefully translate the essence of Japanese craftsmanship. Tailored for scalability, these fixtures provide a versatile solution for a range of environments, from intimate spaces to expansive settings. The compact size not only enhances adaptability but also brings forth efficiency benefits, making it an ideal choice for modern spaces. The series maintains the integrity of the original design's material story while offering customization options to suit individual preferences, ensuring a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

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